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  • 2/22/2021 10:48 AM

Mountain tourism is a great alternative for the fall and winter season, starting from Thethi&Valbona National Parks to the "Cursed Mountains" which are truly spectacular.

These mountains are practically impenetrable except for a series of crossings that connect the small number of houses in the following valleys with the outside world during the summer months.

Mountain tourism in the last village before reaching the source of the river Valbona, is Rrogami. The latter is a remote village surrounded by pristine natural landscapes. The whole valley shines with rare colors and beauty. On one side you can see the crystal clear waters of Valbona and on the other the sharp and green side of the mountain.

You can enjoy the contrast of white snow on top of the mountains in contrast to the blue skyuntil May. The flora of the national park includes a variety of plants and trees, the most common of which is the Hormoq tree (Piceaabies). The rest consists of beech, walnuts, chestnuts and wild apples. There are also numerous berries, including wild blueberries and strawberries. In the park you can find bears, wolves, wild cats, and even herds of wild goats that cling to rocks.In the river, on the other hand, marble trout, a rare fish found in the crystal clear waters of Valbona and has a unique aroma. The valley, the park and the whole surrounding area are known for the heavy snow, which starts in early November and lasts almost until May.