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Soreca: A green Albania is the way to the EU

  • 6/21/2021 3:49 PM
Soreca: A green Albania is the way to the EU

The EU Ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, participated this morning in the inauguration of the new Water Supply and Sewerage building in Kamza. This investment comes as a result of cooperation between the EU, Switzerland and Germany.

During his speech, the ambassador spoke about the importance of this investment for the area. Soreca stressed that a greener Albania means an Albania towards the EU. The ambassador added that Albania should put the environment first.

"This program is an example of how the EU works, creating partnerships. This program will help Albania move closer to the EU, supported by EU legislation on environmental policies. These policies are priorities for the EU, we have a broad agreement, which is of great significance and the ambition is for Europe to be environmentally neutral by 2050.

The EU is launching a strategy with the objective of zero pollution and the program we are presenting today has this objective. The EU has given Albania 210 million euros for the environment, environmental standards, and we will give another 50 million for the coming years. Also, investments will be focused on areas managed in ecosystem reconstruction.

Albania must put the environment in its priorities because otherwise these objectives will not matter. It is necessary to communicate about all the new things, cultural, political, for Albania to be greener and more beautiful for tourists. The EU will help Albania in this regard. Let us continue to work together for a greener, healthier Albania towards the EU", said Soreca.

/Klara Ruci/