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Soreca: Albania closer than ever to opening negotiations with the EU

  • 5/23/2021 1:37 PM
Soreca: Albania closer than ever to opening negotiations with the EU

In the framework of Europe Days, the Ambassador of the European Union in Albania Luigi Soreca said that our country is closer than ever to the start of negotiations. During a statement to the media in Korça, Soreca said that during their trip they met Albanian citizens and have informed them about EU-funded projects. Soreca also underlined that our country has made a lot of progress in the fight against corruption and money laundering, but needs to do more.

"It is a pleasure to meet the future of Albania and this future of Albania is its youth. During this trip we talked to the mayors about the work they need to do and the future of the EU integration process. We have never been close to starting negotiations before. We are showing projects, programs that are funded by the EU. It is an important moment to show Albanians that Europe is here. This tour through which we want to talk to the citizens of Albania to take Albania forward towards the EU. Albania has made very important steps forward in terms of the fight against organized crime and money laundering, this is not enough, but it is enough to open negotiations, but there is still much work to be done. So it should start with the concept of tracking money. Justice reform is creating a lot of Falcons in Albania, 'said Soreca.

As for Albania's negotiations for the EU, the ambassador stressed that "the European Union will not be complete if it does not include the countries of the Western Balkans."

/Klara Ruci/