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SP launches electoral campaign/Rama: The 3rd mandate makes the justice reform irreversible

  • 3/25/2021 11:00 PM
SP launches electoral campaign/Rama: The 3rd mandate makes the justice reform irreversible

The Socialist party officially kicked off the election campaign of April 25. PM Rama stated in his speech: We are all here together to respect with flesh and blood this moment where democracy forces us to appear before the people, to say what we think we have done. In a moment like this today we who are used to going through these obligations which are also one of the most beautiful parts of political life when you go to people, you are with people and together with people you share the great energy that a game produces.

When people are given the opportunity to hear what we say is a great challenge. We are making a big difference tonight too. Practically tonight we and they have put in front of people two postcards on a separate TV screen it is enough to see two postcards to understand and hear the big difference that separates us and them in our way of being and in our relationship with people and with the state", said Rama.
Prime Minister Edi Rama added that his objective for the third term is to reach 10 million tourists in Albania and that with the launch of mass vaccination within 48 hours we will have a situation many times better in the summer than last year.
 Rama stated that the third mandate of the SP is to make irreversible all the reforms that are on the way adding that the 3rd mandate makes the justice reform irreversible and makes possible the arrival in our lives of a new justice.
From the activity of opening the election campaign of the Socialist Party, the Prime Minister Edi Rama denounced the Democratic Party, which in its activity at Mother Teresa Square  gathered crowds of people not respecting the anti-COVID measures.

Prime Minister Edi Rama closed his speech at the campaign launch activity, saying that together with the SP he will change this country. 

/Klara Ruci/