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Tefta Tashko Koço, 111 birth anniversary of the great Albanian soprano

  • 11/2/2021 5:41 PM
Tefta Tashko Koço, 111 birth anniversary of the great Albanian soprano

Today is the 111th birth anniversary  of the great Albanian artist Tefta Tashko Koço, who remains one of the most talented and beloved sopranos for the Albanian public.

The National Historical Museum in the framework of promoting collections and commemorating figures, dates or important events in the history of Albania presented today the educational-promotional video for the figure of Tefta Tashko Koço.

Several objects and items of the great soprano are exhibited in the National Historical Museum. The museum exhibits the "Ville de Paris" medal of 1933, the diploma of the Paris Conservatory of 1936, the piano used by Tefta Tashko Koço, a crystal vase, a toilet box used by her, as well as a concert dress.

Tefta Tashko-Koço was born on the 2nd of November 1910. She was an Albanian singer and soprano. She was a leading figure in the regional music industry and considered one of the most influential personalities of the 20th century in the Albanian-speaking world.Tefta Tashko-Koço was born on 2 November 1910 into an Albanian family in Faiyum, Egypt. In 1921, the family moved to Korçë, Albania, and in 1927, Tefta left for France to study singing at the Conservatoire de Montpellier. From 1932 to 1936, she studied singing in the Conservatoire de Paris under André Gresse, Declamation lyrics with Salignac and Maintien and Art Mimique with G. Wague. In 1936, she permanently returned to Albania, where she performed operatic and chamber music as well as Albanian urban songs. She was asked to encore several times each concert when she performed in Albania.

She recorded Albanian urban lyric songs for the Columbia Society in Italy in 1937 and 1942, and was a regular performer on Radio Tirana since its foundation in 1938. Tefta Tashko was accompanied by Lola Gjoka, and sang songs written specifically for her from by Albanian composer Kristo Kono.

She married Kristaq Koço and had a son, Eno Koço, an Albanian musical director and scholar. Tefta Tashko died unexpectedly in 1947, aged 37. She was posthumously awarded the prestigious title People's Artist.

/Klara Ruci/