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The Academy of Sciences organized an activity on 150th birth anniversary of Sevasti Qiriazi

  • 5/24/2021 7:30 AM
The Academy of Sciences organized an activity on 150th birth anniversary of Sevasti Qiriazi

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the woman who emancipated a nation Sevasti Qiriazi, the Academy of Sciences organized an activity in her honor. Sevasti Qiriazi played an important role in the emancipation of Albanian women in the 1920s. The Academy of Sciences organized a commemorative activity praising her figure for the contribution and the new spirit that brought in difficult times for the education of Albanian society and women.

Sevasti Qiriazi was born in1871. She was an Albanian patriot and pioneer of Albanian female education. Sevasti was a member of the patriotic Qiriazi family of Monastir, today's North Macedonia. Qiriazi was the first Albanian woman to study in the American institution, which she finished in June 1891. Upon returning to Ottoman Albania, she contributed in the first reopening of the Albanian school in Korçë in 1891 together with her brother Gjerasim Qiriazi.

The school is still known by the name of the Qiriazi family, even after the First World War. Sevasti participated in the Congress of Manastir, assisting with the preparation of textbooks. She is said to have published a grammar for elementary schools (Bitola, 1912) and has edited a textbook on history. She moved to Romania and from there emigrated to the United States together with her husband, Christo Anastas Dako (1878-1941), a journalist, writer, and politician, and her sister Parashqevi, where she collaborated with the biweekly Morning Star. Christo Anastas Dako would soon open the first Albanian school in America.

Sevasti returned to Albania in the early 1920s. She became one of the founders and directors of the female institution named "Kyrias" in Tiranë and Kamëz, in cooperation with her sister Parashqevi, and Dako. Sevasti together with her sister were imprisoned and deported in the Anhalteleger Dedinje camp near Belgrade by the pro-Nazi units led by Xhaferr Deva for their anti-fascist views during World War II.They returned to Tirana after the war.

Because of Dako's affiliation with King Zog, and him serving as minister in one of Zog's cabinets, Dako's family was persecuted and imprisoned during the communist regime after World War II. Sevasti died in August 1949. Qiriazi sisters are considered the "Mothers of Albanian education".

March 7 is the official Teachers' Day in Albania, in remembrance of the Qiriazi family school opened in1891.

/Klara Ruci/