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The ballet "Romeo and Juliet" soon in our NTHOB

  • 4/24/2021 8:33 AM
The ballet "Romeo and Juliet" soon in our NTHOB

The ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare is an artistic project, which will be realized with the artists of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. For this project with our ballet troupe Natalia Naidich, assistant of the company of the famous choreographer Angjelin Preljocaj came to Tirana.The National Theater of Opera and Ballet says that the ballet work "Romeo and Juliet" will be in the theater for the public, while announcing through a post that director Zana Çela held a meeting with Naidich, assistant of Preljocaj company.

General Director Zana Çela together with Natalia Naidich, the assistant of the Preljocaj company, confirmed the start of work for the next project of the ballet performance "Romeo and Juliet" at NTHOB. As always, the legendary artist, Angjelin Preljocaj, is near our theater in difficult moments.

"Good luck to our ballet troupe and the young dancers, who will be trained under the guidance of Preljocaj and his staff", said the National Opera and Ballet Theater in recent days, where through a video published on Facebook the meeting is presented. The world-famous choreographer is a collaborator of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet, thanks to an agreement first signed between Albania and France. At that time, the well-known choreographer Preljocaj told the media that he was happy that his arrival in Tirana would be followed by long collaboration. Angjelin Preljocaj is a French dancer and choreographer of Albanian origin. He is considered one of the most important choreographers today. He joined the Ballet of the National Opera in Paris in the 1990s and has run his own company since 1985.

/Klara Ruci/