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The election campaign in Kosovo officially starts

  • 2/3/2021 1:58 PM
The election campaign in Kosovo officially starts

The campaign for the snap elections 2021 in the Republic of Kosovo officially starts today and will continue until February 12.The Central Election Commission (CEC) has certified the final list of voters, where 1,794,862 citizens have the right to vote in the February 14 elections.

There are 143,006 fewer voters in these elections than in the October 6, 2019 election, and this has happened since the lists were cleared of dead persons and those with UNMIK documents. The list includes over 102 thousand voters from the diaspora, who have been verified in recent days. Citizens who have successfully been registered as voters abroad, after meeting the legal criteria, will be able to vote by mail starting from 2 to 12 February for the early elections of 14 February.

Meanwhile, the identification of persons who are infected with coronavirus will begin today, February 2, by the CEC and will last until February 11. The CEC will send mobile teams to persons who express their willingness to vote at their addresses. The Central Election Commission, the Kosovo Judicial Council, the Prosecution, the Police and the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel have already been engaged in the election process. The CEC, which is the institution responsible for organizing elections throughout the territory of Kosovo, considers that sufficient capacities have been reached to supervise and organize the electoral process itself. The Independent Media Commission and NGOs have guaranteed that citizens will be safe on election day.

/Klara Ruci/