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The Embassy of Peace for the Balkans inaugurated in Tirana

  • 11/21/2021 8:15 PM
The Embassy of Peace for the Balkans inaugurated in Tirana

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj greeted today the Balkan Leadership Conference that was held this year in Tirana, where the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Federation of Universal Peace for Europe and the Middle East and the Podgorica Club. The "Embassy of Peace for the Balkans" of the Universal Peace Federation was also inaugurated today, the cornerstone of which was laid two years ago during the Peace Summit in Tirana.

Veliaj congratulated the former President of the Republic, Alfred Moisiu, who is also the chairman of the High Peace Council for the Balkans, as well as a member of the Podgorica Club.

"I highly appreciate your mission and work! It means that it is not the office that makes the person useful, but it is the heart and passion that keeps him/her with energy and contributions. So thank you so much for bringing us all together today. For me you have been a support, you have been a mentor, you have been a counselor, you have been an encouragement in those days when I had to make the right decisions and why not popular and I appreciate this your mission which also serves as an example for anyone whose work does not end when the mandate ends, but in fact has just begun because that mandate is the energy to continue the mission, "said among others the mayor Veliaj.

Former President Mosiu has called the Embassy of Peace a precious asset to the capital. "Now we have our building, the Embassy of Peace, which will surely be a valuable asset for our capital and not only, but will also serve for other international activities. I thank the Municipality of Tirana and Mayor Veliaj for the support he has given us. The Embassy of Peace will be the center of peace activities in Albania and the Balkans to promote family values, leadership and good governance, education and training of young people with high values ​​of love for knowledge, people and nation, to contribute "as much as possible to increase friendship and cooperation between the peoples of our region, as well as to help strengthen and maintain peace in our region," said Moisiu.

Welcoming the friends of peace from all over the world, Veliaj expressed his happiness that an embassy of peace the whole Balkans.

"A special hospitality and a special welcome to those who have come from very distant lands, from Korea and our friends from Asia, as well as our neighbors, the President of Croatia, the President of Montenegro, the President of Bosnia, all those brothers. and sisters who came from Kosovo, or from other cities in Albania. I am glad that today we have gathered to inaugurate on this road of embassies perhaps the most important embassy in the Balkans which is the "Embassy of Peace", in a Balkans that has gone through difficult days, has passed extraordinary challenges that has experienced bloody wars and when you see how little we have to be torn apart and to quarrel or to fight, it is probably time for reflection, ”declared the mayor of Tirana.

The Universal Peace Federation (FPU) is a global network of individuals and organizations committed to building a world at peace based on universal moral and spiritual values. The Ambassadors of Peace initiative originated in January 2001 and was followed by a series of education programs dedicated to peace and reconciliation around the world. To date, there are over 150,000 Ambassadors of Peace in the world. While in Albania and Kosovo, there have been appointed about 2500 Ambassadors of Peace who represent the elite of Albanian society, including leaders in the political, academic, religious spheres,civil society etc.

/Klara Ruci/