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The embroiderer of the Albanian national flag, Marigo Posio

  • 9/2/2021 8:10 PM
The embroiderer of the Albanian national flag, Marigo Posio

The embroiderer of the Albanian national flag, Marigo Posio passed away in Tirana on August 23, 1932. She is known and appreciated by Albanians for the hand embroidery of the Independence flag that was raised in Vlora on November 28, 1912.

Marigo Posio (maiden name Poçi), was born in Hoçisht of Korça in 1878 and settled in Vlora in 1904. She worked for the development of national consciousness and supported the Albanian schools of the time.

 Marigo was a member of the Labëria Patriotic Club founded in Vlore in 1908. She was one of the initiators of the Albanian School of Vlore of 1909. The Albanian Declaration of Independence took place on 28 November 1912 in Vlora. Marigo is considered the "mother" of the Albanian flag which was raised during the Independence Act. The official sources mention her to have embroidered the flag. Lef Nosi, respected Albanian politician present at the event, states that the black eagle was cut from satin and was sewed upon the red base. Ekrem Vlora mentions that the flag was a gift from Aladro Castriota and Marigo was given it to make copies. In all cases, she is involved. She also produced many copies of the flag on her own expenses for various offices of the Vlora Government.

Marigo is considered a leader of the first Albanian Women Organization, which aimed at helping wounded soldier which came from the border war with Greece. The organization was founded on 13 May 1914. Other members were wives of prominent Albanian figures of the time.

Despite various sources regarding the role of Marigo Posio in the preparation of the flag that was raised on November 28, 1912 in Vlora, she is credited with the merit of embroidering that first flag.

The embroidery of the flags with the double-headed eagle continued even after that, taking the name "Lady of the flags".

/Klara Ruci/