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The first soloist of the Folk Ensemble Lili Këlliçi passes away at 89

  • 8/4/2021 12:01 PM
The first soloist of the Folk Ensemble Lili Këlliçi passes away at 89

Lili Këlliçi, the first soloist of the Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances passed away at the age of 89.
For 30 years, Lili was an undisputed personality of the art world of Albanian choreography. The space where she worked and performed was not only vast, but also very complex.
Lejla Këlliçi or as everyone knows Lili, was born on June 2, 1932 in Tirana. From childhood she showed her talent, the art of dancing, amazing everyone around her. After graduating from the “Lidhja e Prizrenit” school, Lili attended the Women's Pedagogical Institute, which she completed with high results. But her great love for ballet made her get engaged directly with the newly formed artistic groups.
And since1950s, Lily would have been an integral part of choreographic art. In 1957, when the "State Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances" was officially founded, Lili would be named one of the first two soloists of the dance group and would continue to hold this position until the fall of 1972, after which later she was appointed ballet instructor at the "Pioneers' Palace, Tirana".
Since 1949 at the Youth Festival in Hungary she has excelled with her brilliant interpretation of folk dances, from south to north. Momental would be her figure in the documentary film "Albanian Dance" of 1960 directed by Endri Keko.
She is remembered for her excellent performances in "Apple Collection", "Tirana Potpourri", "Dardha Dance", "Dibra Dance", "Dropullitja Dance" etc.
For all her artistic activity, she has been awarded the title "Naim Frashëri".

/Klara Ruci/