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The lakes of Belshi

  • 2/25/2021 10:26 AM
The lakes of Belshi

Like a crown full of precious stones, the Dumrea area with its 86 lakes of various sizes fascinates any passerby who seeks to discover it more closely. Positioned in the district of Elbasan, 160 meters above sea level, the lakes of Dumrea are known for their features and extraordinary landscapes that they create in harmony with each other.


It is the lake with the most populated area around it, and consequently it is an inevitable stop here, to visit on this occasion the changes that have taken place in Belsh. A walk near the modern promenade, or a stop near a cafe or restaurant, will allow you to enjoy the panorama of the lake in a different way. In the evening, the lake peacefully reflects the city lights andthe warm atmosphere.

Seferan Lake

The astounding water lilies adorn many of the lakes of Dumrea.With the arrival of spring,SeferanLake is covered by an extraordinary carpet of colors, thanks to the white and yellow water lilies. In Seferan you will try saffron tea and cakes with olive oil, in the new inns located there. There is also "Dumrea Pedal" Center, where you can ride bicycles equipped with all safety conditions.

In the background of Lake Seferani is the Rock of Gradishta, otherwise known as the Castle of Belsh because of the ruins found there. As it is thought to have been a developed center since the sixth century BC, the fortified town two centuries later belonged to the province of the Illyrian tribe of the Parthians. It is worth mentioning that from that period the tomb of an Illyrian prince, known as the Prince of Belsh, was found, where about 70 archeological objects are discovered, which today are exhibited in one of the museums of antiquity in Asparn, Austria.


Another lake known as the cleanest and deepest of the Dumrea lakes (61 m) is that of Merhoja, which is also famous for carp fishing. Lake Merhoja is located not far from Seferan, thanks to the "Dumrea Pedal" center,you can get the necessary equipment to practice sports such as canoeing, kayaking, or even paddleboarding.

Dega Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes on the entire Dumre plateau is that of Dega, located near the village of Fierza. This karst lake comes in an elongated shape and has a length of 1600 m and a width of 300 m, and consists of an extremely rich and impressive ecosystem. If you take care to find a point where you can look at it from a certain height, you will see that the shape of this lake is extremely unique in relation to other surrounding lakes.



Next to it is ChestijaLake which draws attention to the fact that it is the largest lake in the entire Dumrea area. The lake can serve as a suitable place for relaxation and picnic, there are many who use it for fishing.