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The National Theater continues online performances for the public

  • 1/20/2021 11:15 AM
The National Theater continues online performances for the public

The National Theater continues to be active in terms of performances of various projects which have been successful for this institution. These plays, which are broadcast online on social networks, are part of the initiative undertaken by the "National Theater" to be as close as possible to its art-loving public in this difficult period of pandemic. This initiative is called "The show must go ON" and it is possible to be followed only online on the official Facebook channel of the "National Theater".

On Friday, January 22, at 18:00, the public will be able to follow live on Facebook the project "Poetry and prose by Albanian and foreign authors". These materials will come interpreted by the troupe of theater actors.

“Opera for 3 pennies" is going to be online on Saturday, January 23, at 18:00. This project staged in 2016 is interpreted by some of the most famous names of the Natio nal Theatre such as Alfred Trebicka, Arben Derhemi, Olta Gixhari, Eva Alikaj Rajmonda Bulku, Erjona Kakeli etc. It is authored by Vaclav Havel and was written in the 1970s and staged by director Mehmet Xhelili.

"The Lady of the Guesthouse" can be followed on Sunday, on January 24 at 18-00. It is another success of the repertoire of the National Theatre over the years, written in the XVIII century by the author Carlo Goldoni. It was first staged in Venice in 1752.

/Klara Ruci/