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The network of ports and airports will incite tourism

  • 9/17/2021 10:16 AM
The network of ports and airports will incite tourism

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku in the presentation of the program for infrastructure and energy in the Assembly said that, “the strategic objective of the Albanian government for the development of maritime transport is focused on resizing the port and maritime transport infrastructure, by expanding port areas, completion with areas of economic development, development and specialization of existing ports through the primary economic sectors where they operate, as well as through the addition of specialized structures for accommodation and provision of services for tourist vessels, transport of goods or passengers.

Balluku mentioned the most important projects such as the port of Durres, which she said, "is the most important international port of this sector, so both commercial and passenger".

"This approach studied in terms of the development of ports, the main ones, namely Durres and Vlora, followed by smaller ports that can be turned into tourism development points, such as Himara, Saranda, Shengjin will result in many  strong economic stimulus, not only for the cities where they are located, but for the whole of Albania and why not for the whole region ", said Balluku.

The Minister added that "an important step has been taken in the field of civil aviation".

"Air gates are another opportunity for the sustainable development of the country's economy in general and tourism in particular. At the same pace as in sea and air transport continues the implementation of the strategy for the creation of a network of airports that will cover domestic, regional and intercontinental operations, to give Albanian tourism the necessary impetus to transform in an economic pillar of the country, to create thousands of jobs for Albanian citizens and to give local communities an extraordinary economic boom ", she stressed.

"The implementation of the strategy for building an efficient and effective road transport network continues, available and accessible to all citizens, managed by reliable transparent authorities with the right performance and that significantly ensures mobility, increasing the quality of life and economic growth ", said Balluku.