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Tirana celebrates the 76th anniversary of its liberation

  • 11/17/2020 10:46 AM
Tirana celebrates the 76th anniversary of its liberation

Today marks the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Albanian capital Tirana from Nazi occupiers in World War II.

During the Second World War, the National Liberation Army of Albania carried out an armed uprising against the occupation of Albania.

From April 7, 1939 until November 29, 1944, Albania had been occupied by fascist Italy and after its capitulation, in the autumn of 1943, Albania was occupied by the German forces.

At the end of November 1944, after the Liberation of Tirana, on November 17 and the main part of Northern Albania, the city of Shkodra and its region remained to be liberated. Shkodra was liberated on November 29, 1944.

This historic moment is considered as the most important, toughest and most successful operation that the Liberation Army  units have conducted against the German forces and their collaborators for the liberation of the cities of Albania.

The battle of Mushqete played a special role in the success of the operation. The struggle for the liberation of Tirana had the character of a real frontal war, where the degree of organization of the Liberation Army was clearly visible.

In the fight for the liberation of Tirana, a valuable contribution was made by the people of the capital, who strongly supported all the fighting that took place in its neighborhoods and streets.  The 76th anniversary of the liberation of Tirana was also commemorated by President Ilir Meta.
 "76 years ago, partisan boys and girls, together with the insurgent citizens of Tirana, would carry out one of the most glorious and successful military operations, giving the right and credit to the partisan brigades to enter the capital victoriously." says Meta, estimating that "to come to this white day, it took the blood and life in the flower of youth of hundreds of Martyrs, the sacrifices and efforts of thousands of partisans in every square, alley, barricade and house of the capital".

"The liberation of Tirana was an important contribution to strengthen the legitimacy and credibility of Albania, as a country committed to the Antifascist Alliance.
"The great messages of freedom, peace and the fight against tyranny, sound even more relevant today than ever, honored and untouched by time and the subsequent deviations of the cause of freedom of our glorious partisans", says President Meta. 

/ERvin Çali/