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Tourists show great interest on cultural tourism

  • 3/3/2021 9:26 AM
Tourists show great interest on cultural tourism

The beginnings of the visual arts date back to ancient times. Hundreds of terracotta, metal ornaments belonging to the Illyrian tribes have been unearthed through archeological discoveries. To be mentioned are the schools of ancient Apollonia and Durrës.

Among the most remarkable objects of this period, which are interesting to visit are the head of Dea (Goddess of Butrint), the marble head of Artemis in Apollonia, the mosaics of Butrint, the mosaic "Beauty of Durres", the statues of Apollonia, etc.

The wall frescoes found in the church of Rubik (1272) date back to the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods.

The 16th century frescoes of Onufri and the museum opened in Berat in 1986 with the works of this outstanding iconography are worth visiting.

In the 18th century are to be mentioned the works of the prominent iconographers Kostandin Shpataraku and David Selenicas. Their works are found in Ardenica, Voskopoja, in the churches of Selcan and Velesh in the area of ​​Shpat, in Korca, etc. The "Museum of Medieval Art" located in Korça is of great interest to visitors and tourists.

During the period of renaissance and independence in Albanian art and culture of Albanian personalities such as painters Kole Idromeno (1860 - 1939), Andrea Kushi (1884 - 1959), Spiro Xega (1863 - 1953), Vangjush Mio (1891 - 1957 ), in sculpture Odise Paksali (1903 - 1985), in music Tefta Tashko Koço etc. are of great interest for the local and foreign visitors.

 Albania offers to tourists several museums and galleries of cultural interest such as: National Historical Museum, Vangjush Mios Museum House, National Gallery of Figurative Arts in Tirana, “Eduard Lir” Gallery in Berat, “Guri Madhi” Gallery in Korça, etc. Albania is full of magical places, and new destinations to visit.

/Klara Ruci/