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US Embassy in Belgrade: Serbia must recognize Kosovo

  • 2/10/2021 2:56 PM
US Embassy in Belgrade: Serbia must recognize Kosovo

US President Joe Biden, in a congratulatory letter, asked Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for mutual recognition between Serbia and Kosovo. A request that provoked numerous reactions in the country and the region, but Biden's request was also emphasized by the Spokesman of the US Embassy in Belgrade, James Hagengruber.

"Former President Trump has also made this policy very clear. In 2019, he wrote to President Aleksandar Vucic about the 'unwavering support' of the United States in deepening regional cooperation and especially his commitment to the normalization of relations with Kosovo," Hagengruber told Tanjug.

"Such a historic agreement, with mutual recognition at its core, would pave the way for Serbia's goals of European integration and economic growth," said a spokesman for the US Embassy in Serbia.

Hagengruber adds that the United States wants Serbia to succeed in its aspirations towards the EU, and that a return to dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, with EU assistance, is essential to such success.

He recalled the words of President Biden that "a comprehensive solution, which will lead to mutual recognition, preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the two countries and strengthening of their democratic institutions, is essential for the progress of Kosovo and Serbia." .

The embassy spokesman added that this would improve the security and prosperity of both countries, increase their aspirations for EU membership and other institutions, and support the goal of the whole of Europe to live in peace and freedom.

/Klara Ruci/