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Vllaznia is confirmed as an unstoppable machine in Superior this season

  • 1/21/2021 2:13 PM
Vllaznia is confirmed as an unstoppable machine in Superior this season

Vllaznia is confirmed as an unstoppable machine in Superior this season, especially after yesterday's victory "in extremis" against Bylis in Ballsh. After a good start by Bylis. Meanwhile, the coach of Vllaznia, Thomas Berdaric, did not hide the satisfaction of success after yesterday's victory in Ballsh. "Vllaznia got today a very important victory in the transfer of Ballsh, against Bylys". Red and Blues' coach, Tomas Berdaric, after the match told "Supersport" that he knew it would be one of the most difficult matches, while emphasizing that he does not want to talk about individuals, but that the team wins and loses all together.

"I think today there were special circumstances in a way and we got these three points in the last seconds and I am happy about that. We knew from the beginning that it would be one of the most difficult matches.It is a good sign that we are setting a good example, but all the players are playing on the field, they have found out what I want from the team and they are implementing everything properly," said Berdaric.

Teuta does the job for Kastriot, returns second in the rankings

Vllaznia goes to the quota of 35 points and maintains the distance of 9 points with Teuta, who won 0-1 in Kamza against Kastrioti, with the wonderful goal of Davey Bregu in the 72nd minute from the free kick. 

Another unacceptable result for Laçi, after the loss to Apollonia in Fier. Laçi makes "peace" with Skënderbeu

Shpëtim Duros's team drew 1-1 with the last place, Skënderbeu, losing more ground to the group of leading teams. Meksi gave Korça the lead at the end of the first half, but the Kurbins returned to the game with the penalty converted into a goal by Nuabueze at the beginning of the second half. Although he had more than 40 minutes of play available to get the victory, Laçi did not manage to punish Skënderbeu for the second time.

Kukes returns to victory

Kukes finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. After four consecutive losses, the northeastern team triumphed 1-2 against Apolonia in "Loni Papuçiu", where an open match took place with many cases in both gates, but luck helped the friendly team more. Agim Ibrahimi scored from 11 meters in the 15th minute, after a touch of the ball with his hand by the local defense. Despite the goal suffered, the team from Fier did not give up and in the 60th minute found the equalizer with Smaçi, with a fantastic shot from outside the area. Apolonia, with the enthusiasm of the equalizer, continued the attacks to get the victory, but Gjata missed a clear opportunity with his head. And in this comes to mind the unwritten law of football, if you do not score and suffer. Through a quick counterattack, in the 76th minute, Peposhi, served by Leira, scored the second goal for Kukës, which five minutes later secured a 1-3 victory with the finalization of Ezea.

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