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Vocational colleges soon to be opened

  • 2/22/2021 10:39 AM
Vocational colleges soon to be opened

"Vocational colleges will be set up to give a greater impetus to vocational education in Albania." This is what the Prime Minister Edi Rama stated during a conversation with the citizens of Elbasan. "Vocational education schools you are witnesses that were turned into no worse, there was no infrastructure and more served as a refuge for students who went to these schools simply to say "We were aiming to change the system, the German dual one, and then make the parallel walk in school and entrepreneurship that allows the individual and the enterprise to interact with each other and immediately after school to be included in the labor market." said Prime Minister Rama.

The head of government stressed that we are already halfway to this education. "Investments are insufficient to give that it is fulfilled in every link, as there is still much to do. What is encouraging is that vocational school students have an advantage and have easier employment and faster than them "We are working to add another link to that of professional colleges so that students can increase their knowledge and skills, through vocational colleges that are a space between high school and university," said  Rama.
While for the agricultural sector, the Prime Minister stressed that we are the first country in the region to absorb EU funds for this sector.
Referring to the electoral promises, Rama clarified that they should be based and not in vain.