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Watermelon Fair in Lushnje, Economy: We aim to triple exports

  • 7/5/2021 10:46 AM
Watermelon Fair in Lushnje, Economy: We aim to triple exports

Production and quality of watermelon and melon for this year has undergone an increase in the region of Lushnja. The farmers say that they are exporting not only to the region, but also to Europe and beyond. At the first watermelon fair, organized on Saturday evening in Lushnje, the Minister of Economy said that the tripling of exports turns out to be the challenge of the farmers.

Lushnja, the worthy representative of Albanian products in the regional and European market, organized for the first time a fair of watermelon and melon products. Exporters do not hide the satisfaction that the production has been good and has found market not only in Albania. For the Minister of Agriculture, Milva Ekonomi, this fair shows the advantage that watermelon production has received in Lushnja, which today is planted by 250 farmers on over 2 thousand hectares of land.
At the end of the fair, prizes were awarded to the producers. Lushnja has 38 collection centers for fruits and vegetables for export and watermelon and melon which have been traded in Europe for over a month and a half.

/Klara Ruci/