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WB support for women in Albania, greater access to online employment in the global market

  • 9/15/2021 9:26 AM
WB support for women in Albania, greater access to online employment in the global market

'Digital Jobs Albania' is a new initiative of the World Bank that aims to help women in Albania expand access to online employment opportunities and connect with the global economy.

The initiative will provide a 3-month intensive training course on digital skills for girls and women aged 16-35, equipping them with the right knowledge that enables them access to online employment as freelance graphic design, web page creation professionals. internet and digital marketing.

The development of online job markets for the liberal professions is offering new opportunities for Albanians to connect with the global economy. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour give Albanians who have the right skills the opportunity to work online for projects commissioned by companies and individuals around the world, so they need to move from their place of residence.

Women in particular are expected to take advantage of these new employment opportunities. The labor force participation rate of women in Albania is still 14.6 percentage points lower than that of men. According to the 2020 data of the National Institute of Statistics of Albania (INSTAT), the gender pay gap remains 6.6 percent. Developing a model of independent online work can play an important role in narrowing these gaps. Flexible working hours and the ability to work from home can help more women and girls with the right skills stay in the job market and gain financial independence.

The Digital Jobs Albania Initiative, implemented in partnership with the Government of Albania will offer an online training program to equip selected participants with technical skills required by the labor market. The initiative will also provide mentoring to participants and help them develop the right skills to successfully compete for job projects on the freelance websites.

"This initiative offers a very good opportunity for Albanian women to gain digital knowledge and become part of the online economy - a model for promoting future projects in this field," says Emanuel Salinas, World Bank Manager for Albania. "No one should be left behind in the ongoing digital transformation."

The initiative is part of the World Bank's broader commitment to Albania to help the country seize the economic opportunities associated with digital trade in goods and services.

"Albania has recognized the importance of digital markets as an opportunity for the economic development of the country. We have mobilized a representative team from the World Bank to support this effort through this new initiative and others in the future, ”said Christoph Ungerer, World Bank Team Leader for the Digital Trade Project in Albania.

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